An Binh is an island among Tien river, and located in the opposite direction of Vinh long town. This island can be considered as a tourism center. The island’s total area is 60 km2 and includes 4 communes An Binh, Binh Hoa Phuoc, Hoa Ninh, and Dong Phu. The land here is very fertile and populous with fresh water throughout the year. Local people plant many types of fruit such as rambutan, mango, longan, durian, and sapodilla, etc.

Bonsai gardens of Mr. Sau Giao in the village of Binh Thuan Hoa Ninh Commune with hundreds of kinds of plants: apricot yellow, apricot hydro slide, jasmine ... around the house is a garden and fishpond label oscars, delicious meat fish .

Mr. Muoi Day’s house on stilts – a wooden house on Ninh Hoa channel, offers many fruit gardens including longan, pomelo, and sapodilla. This house in chosen to be a tourism location to serve lunch and over-night stays for tourists in the program called “Walking in the green of Mekong delta” of Cuu Long Tourism company.

Mr. Hai Hoang ancient house was built in French architect with a wide front ground and gardens of rambutan and longan in the backside. This is also a place whre tourists can enjoy lunches and over-night stays.

An Binh Island
There are many other gardens of fruit specialities such as Mr. Chin Hoan’s rambutan garden, Mr. Chin Can’s rambutan garden, and Mr. Tam Ho’s small seed longan garden, etc.

The pomelo gardens in My Hoa, Binh Minh district, which is located 30km from Vinh Long, exclusively offer “Five Sticks” pomelo. This is a very famous pomelo in Mekong delta.


Ostrich riding has been come into service in Vinh Sang farm I An Thuan hamlet, An Binh commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province at the beginning of this year. This farm attracts thousands of tourists; therein, foreign tourists take up from 15-20%.

Vinh Sang Tourist Resorts

When you arrive at the farm’s gate, the security guard will instruct you the direction to ostrich-raising zone. There are 33 ostrich in the team, and the male ones are raised in a separate cage in order to serve tourists. According to Mr. Vinh – the farm’s owner “male ostrichs are bigger than female ones, male ostrichs can carry up to 200kg; therefore, we train them for riding people. The female ones receive more delicate attention to perform their reproduction duty”.

Tourists are guided to the playground of ostrich riding. The ground is fined in the area of over 200m2. Mr. Sang whose duty is providing direct instructions for tourists states that “Ostrichs are very gentle; it will be no problem if you fall since they will not tramble on you”. Then he professionally gets on an ostrich, press his legs to its ass, and two of his knees embrace its back. The ostrich is encouraged to run fast and strongly. There is a soft cloth pad on the ostrich’s back in order to prevent the rider from falling down. Do not ever hold on to the ostrich’s neck when riding the way you do in Hugo game since ostrichs’ necks are about half a meter away from their bodies. In case not to fall, you have to lie on its back, use you two arms to hold onto its wings, and two legs embrace its ass. The tighter your arms and legs embrace, the faster the ostrich can run.

Vinh Sang farm received operation lisence since 2004 by local government with the total of investment capital of 12 billion VNDs and over 2.2 ha of raising area. Mr. Vinh – the farm’s owner informs that “Tourists come here mainly to try such a new game which firstly emerged in the West. Children are the first ones attracted by this game. Some of them even shout out “Hugo riding ostrichs” even when they are riding on the real ostrichs”.

It is very true that tourists do love this game since they leave a great number of compliments. A group of tourists Hieu, Hong, Dieu, and Lap from Ho Chi Minh city expressed their feelings “Ostrich riding is a new type of entertainment which attracts not only children but also adults as well”. Mr. Hoang from My Tho (Tien Giang province) excitedly stated “Thanks to this game, my children can learn a lot of new and interesting things”.

In the complex and intertwined system of channels and local people’s routine of hanging around their houses, the appearance of this entertainment zone has brought much of excitement for local citizens. Mr. Tu Hau – living near the farm said that “Youngsters who travel from far distance come here and ask for my instructions. I help about 10 tourists everyday. Only performing this simple task every yet I am very delighted that more and more people are interested in Vinh Long tourism.

Along with Temple of Literature and Saints in Bien Hoa – Dong Nai, and Temple of Literature and Saints of the old Gia Dinh, Vinh Long Temple of Literature and Saints is one of the three Temple of Literature and Saints in the South since nineteenth century.

Vinh Long Temple of Literature and Saints is located on the wide area along Long Ho river (Ward 4, 2km from Vinh Long town). The initiators of this construction are the great Mr. Phan Thanh Gian and great Teacher Mr. Nguyen Thong. This Temple of Literature and Saints was constructed in two years (1864-1866).

Stepping at the front door of Temple of Literature and Saints tourists suddenly feel the ease from the heat thanks to the wind from Long Ho river. In order to enter the temple, we have to step over a triple gate with two golden painted pieces of roof. The main gate is bigger than the two smaller ones. The gates are built in dome shape. Above the main gate are three Hanyu letters and below these letters is a line of Vietnamese Roman with the meaning of “Temple of Literature and Saints”. There are two parallel Hanyu sentences about Confucius’s manners and the respect for Temple of Literature and Saints.

Stepping inside, tourists can feel the silence and holiness as in religious places. The area is spacious with a straight asphalted road decorated by two lines of old trees. The birds sing on the trees, wind suddenly flows to a lovely surprise. All of these altogether bring a fretty feeling of peacefulness and holiness. On your right hand is Van Xuong Cac which is the place to store and read books; or meeting zone for scholars to learn and discuss about literature, etc. The upper floor is used for thurifying three “Van Xuong De Quan” who were the Gods of learning and examinations. The lower floor is built to worship Mr. Vo Truong Toan and Mr. Phan Thanh Gian. Besides, many former officials of old feudal regime are also worshipped hare such as great Teacher Nguyen Thong, great Teacher Truong Van Uyen, Teacher Nguyen Tri Man, etc. Thurifying to these great ancestors’ altars, cense smoke in the air may bring great emotion of successors in memory of great teachers with high positions in the old times.

Vinh Long Temple Of Literature And Saints

From Van Xuong Cac, tourists set their feet on the 100m straight asphalted road to the main worshipping place of Temple of Literature and Saints. This place is built on a 90cm base of green stones. The middle altart of Temple of Literature and Saints worships Confucius and four great learners such as Soong saint Zeng Zi, Ya saint Meng Zi, Phuc saint Nhan Zi, and Shu saint Zi Zi. The right and left altars worship 12 learners. Located ouside are two small and simples houses called Left vu and Right vu which worship 72 good learners of Confucius (Qi Shi Er Xian). There is also a headstone built in 1867 with the sculture of Mr. Phan thanh Gian’s poem on the front and names of the ancestors with great contribution to this construction on the back side.

When you leave this temple, you will feel highly content after an interesting sightseeing which not only helps you relax but also offer constructions of ancient architeach, and also knowledge about the nation’s culture.