1.1. Agriculture
Rice: In 2014, the rice farming area was 180,207 hectares in 2014, yield of 60.33 quintals / ha, production of 1, 087.1 thousand tons/crop.
Crops: In 2014 crop area was 3,413ha, increasing by 47,799ha comparing to that of 2013, of which the crop area accounted for 57.8% of farm land, up 13.74% comparing to that of 2013. The area of sweet potato crops increased by 18.38% comparing to that of the same period of 1.853ha, the average yield was about 28,700 kg /ha.
Perennials: The province has 49,746 ha of perennials of which 41.050 ha making fruits. For fruits land, there are 40,770 ha. In 2014, the estimated output was 512,000 tons of various fruits of which 112,200 tonnes of coconut.

Livestock: Cattle and poultry were more than 7.1 million of which approximately 342,000 pigs, 64,304 cows, and other kinds of poultry such as chickens, ducks,... accounting for 6.71 million of which approximately 3.99 million chickens.
Fishery: It is the second strong potential following the rice farming. Some main aquatic products namely catfish, red tilapia etc. In 2014 the aquaculture production reached 112,894 tons of which yields reached 106,172 tons. Especially the catfish output was 82,260 tons for intensive farming.

  1.2. Industry
It is the major potential industry sectors such as processing of agricultural products and food, especially rice processing, aquaculture etc with the famous traditional industries as handicrafts, brick, tile production etc.
The estimated value of industrial production in 2014 (at price of 2010) was 19,625 billion VND, up 11.3% comparing to that of 2013.

  1.3. Investment and Construction
The estimated value of construction in 2014 at compared price of 2010 was 5.101,5 billion VND up 7.94% comparing that of 2013. In particular, the value of construction in the public sector reached 181,5 billion VND, accounting for 3,56% and reached 4.920 billionVND, representing 96,44%. in non-state sector respectively.
Total estimated investment capital for infrastructure construction from the state budget was VND 1,942 billion VND in 2014. The total disbursed investment capital was approximately VND 10,806 billion VND in 2014, up 6.36% comparing that of 2013.
The foreign direct investment in 2014 reached USD 37.1 million for 03 newly registered projects and 01 added project mainly in the processing, manufacturing, etc. The total disbursed foreign direct investment capital was estimated at 9.55 million USD in 2014. Until early 2015, the province has been attracting 28 FDI projects of total registered estimated capital of 173,27 million USD.

  1.4. Trade - Services
There are various forms of trade and services with extensive network of diverse markets in the province. Total retail sales of consumer goods and services reached 28.865 billion VND, up 10.32% comparing to that of 2013 of which retail sales of goods increased 9.82%, sales of accommodation and food increased by 12,95%.
Total estimated export value in 2014 was USD 286,45 million; the total estimated import value was USD 150,71 million.

  1.5. Travel
Tourism is one of the potential sectors with cultural, ancient historic relics such as Van Thanh Shrine, Van Xuong Cac Temple, Tien Chau Pagoda, Cong Than Temple, the Tan Giai Shrine, Tan Hoa Temple, Memorial park of late chairman of Council of Ministers Pham Hung, Memorial park of Late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, Memorial park of late professor, academician, Hero of Labor Tran Dai Nghia etc. and the typical beautiful landscape of rivers combined with the unique tourism forms of the Mekong Delta region as village tourism, farm tourism, eco garden tourism, home stay, etc. Vinh Long is the extremely ideal destination for both domestic and foreign tourists enjoying the river beauty, natural characteristics.
Total visitors in 2014 reached 1.25 million of 754.5 thousand accommodation days, up 22.84% in term of visitor number, and up 19.5% in term of accommodation days comparing to that of 2013.