1.1. Transportation
    a) Airline
Vinh Long city is about 43km far from the international Tra Noc - Can Tho city airport, about 140km from the International Tan Son Nhat - Ho Chi Minh City airport.
    b) Road
There are 15 main roads of total length of 404.2km including 05 national highways (1A, 53, 54, 57, 80). Most of the national highways, provincial highways have been upgraded, expanded for the smooth flow of vehicles with My Thuan bridge and Can Tho bridge and Ho Chi Minh City - Can Tho city highway throughout Vinh Long city, districts, towns and industrial parks facilitating the trade and services in the province for quick and convenient trade exchange with other economic centers.
    c) Waterway
There is the vast river network with a total length of 955 km including 03 national waterway crossing Tien river, Hau river, Mang river for vessels of capable loading of 3 to 5 thousand tons, Such network plays a very important role in the Mekong Delta transportation and toward Bien Dong sea, or toward Cambodia etc.

      - Vinh Long port (Tien River)
Located in Vinh Long city, with the loading capacity of 300,000 tonnes / year, this port can receive 3,500 tons ship docked. The port includes the storage of about 20,000 tons.
      - Binh Minh Port (Hau river)
Binh Minh port (Hau river): of the Group No. 06, located in the left bank of Hau river in My Hoa commune, Binh Minh town, next to the road to Can Tho bridge downstream. The port capacity reaches 588,000 tons / year. Currently, the type of vessels of 7,000 tons can get in easily. As designed, the port (under construction) can receive ships of 20,000 tons
      - An Phuoc Port (Co Chien river)
On shipping route connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho City, An Phuoc Commune, Mang Thit district, An Phuoc Port is 60.2m in length, 11 meters in width for ships and barges of 1,500-ton.

  1.2. Electricity
100% of communes, wards and towns use the national power grid with over 99.4% of households using national electricity. In addition to getting service of the national lowvoltage network, the industrial producers, service providers, industrial parks are equipped with the private low-voltage stations and their power consumption is measured at stations serving the needs of production, business.

  1.3. Clean water
The province currently has 08 urban water supply systems installed at the district, town, city and Hoa Phu industrial park with 11 plants of a total design capacity of 47,800 m3 / day, enough to meet domestic demand, production and business.

  1.4. Credit system
Vinh Long province has developed a strong and diversified credit system of 20 branches of Commercial Joint Stock Bank, 01 Social Policy Bank, 01 Development Fund and 04 People credit funds of more than 101 transaction offices widely distributed in all districts, towns and cities for customer satisfactory of financial - credits needs, loans for production and business in the province.

  1.5. Communication
The wide postal network provides a variety of services of easy access ensuring daily postal delivery to 100% of communes. Subscriber telecom line has expanded to 100% of communes, wards and towns. The mobile network has its coverage across the province. Fiber optic cables routes are installed to all districts and communes. Vinh Long Radio - Television Agency is one of the best broadcast service provider in the Mekong Delta and the country as well. Radio coverage is expanded throughout the province and the country on 02 broadcast channels and cable networks of abundant and attractive programs.